Hello Extemp Competitors!

Extemp Prep will be in room XXX. There will be maps and people available to direct you.

Before the tournament, you need to.... - *
- Review the Extemp Rules.
- Label all laptops, power cords, power strips, etc with your name.
- You may want to bring a power strip to plug in more than one computer.
- Bring computers fully charged to the draw.

*Electronic Filing and Equipment –
- Electronic filing, such as Dropbox, is optional. You may still use boxes and hard copies if you prefer.
- Students must accept full responsibility for the safety and security of their electronic devices for the duration of the tournament. The Extemp Prep Room will also be used for Parli prep, so others will be in and out of the room. You are welcome to put your files/computers in the prep room when you arrive Thursday morning.
- All of your articles should be stored on your computer. You are not allowed to access the internet at all during your Extemp prep time. If you are using an electronic filing system, all articles will need to be "synced" before arriving at the tournament.

Picking Up Equipment -
When you are finished with your speech, you are welcome to come back to the room to pick up your computer if you need it. And, since you are not allowed to have your phone with you at your speech, we will have a spot in the prep room where you can leave it. Feel free to pick it up when you’re finished with your speech. You may leave your computer in the extemp prep area for the duration of the competition, but we are not responsible for loss or damage.

If you are unable to pick up your equipment at the end of the tournament on Saturday, please designate a team member or sibling to do so.

Draw Time – When the lists are posted, you will see a “draw time” next to your name. That is the time you must be in the room to draw your topics. If you have other speeches during that same pattern, you will need to determine if it would be best to do your other speeches before or after your Extemp time. If you are doing one of the other speeches prior to your Extemp draw, explain to the other competitors why you need to go as quickly as possible.

Extemp Schedule –
You should try to arrive at the Extemp prep room at least 5 minutes before your draw time. The door will be closed, so you should just wait quietly outside the door. Two minutes before your draw time the proctor will bring you into the Extemp room. At that time, you will have the opportunity to turn on your computer to make sure it’s ready to go. At the announcement, you will be allowed to draw your topics and then go to your computer/files to get started on your speech. You will be given 30 minutes to prepare your Extemp speech and arrive at the competition room (this is a change in the rules from previous years. The proctor will announce your time left at 10-minute intervals. Five minutes before your time is up, the proctor will let you know that it is time to travel to your competition room to perform your speech.
If you come in late, you won’t be given extra time to prepare your speech. Just enter the room and I’ll quickly give you your topics so you can get started as soon as possible.

Tournament Schedule Delay Protocol -
On occasion, the postings may be put up a little late. If they are put up late, we will adjust the draw times accordingly. For example, if the first draw was supposed to occur at 12:30, but the postings didn’t go up till 12:30, then we’d adjust the entire schedule of draw times by about 5 minutes. The adjusted draw schedule will be posted on the door if that happens.

Silence in the Room – Keep in mind that we want everyone to have the same atmosphere of quiet so they can prepare the best speech possible. If you come back into the room to get your phone or computer, please be as quiet as possible. There will be no talking in the prep room. You may not ask anyone questions, even if they are from your club.

If you have any questions, the proctor will be in the prep room at least 5 minutes before postings are scheduled to be put up.

We look forward to some outstanding Extemp competition!

Arkansas Diamond Tournament Extemp Proctor