• We will offer two rounds of debate for Juniors.

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should abolish the penny.
One mentor is allowed per team. You may pick a senior student or one will be assigned to you on-site.
*Junior Debate Guidelines and Helpful Hints]*[junior-debate-guidelines-2020-002.docx

  • We will offer two rounds of speech.

  • Juniors events are only for students who are 5-11 years old on Oct 1st of the current season. Junior debate event is for students who are 9-11.

  • Juniors speech registration fee is $10 for the first event, $5 for each additional event. Juniors debate event is $10 per student.

  • Juniors can register using the Student Registration tab at the top of this webpage, just like Seniors.

  • Juniors may only register for a maximum of three events.

  • There will not be any finals for Juniors.

  • There is no script submission for Juniors.

Juniors Check-In

There will be two rounds for the Juniors in the following categories

(Click on each event for the corresponding guidelines.)

Juniors Judges

  • Senior students who would like to judge Juniors speech events need to meet at least ONE of the following criteria:
    • Have participated in at least one NITOC-modeled tournament as a Senior.
    • Are sixteen years of age.
  • Sign-up sheets will be available throughout the tournament.
  • Juniors Judges need to arrive 10 minutes before each Juniors round in order to judge. At that time, they'll go through a short judges' orientation to prepare them.

Juniors Apologetics Questions

Who is God?
Can God be everywhere (Omnipresence)?
Does God know everything (Omniscience)?
Is God all-powerful (Omnipotent)?
Does Heaven exist?
Why did God create man?
Why is Jesus special?
Who wrote the Bible?
What is sin?
Why does God love me?
Why is the Bible special?
Why did Jesus die on the cross?
Where is Jesus today?

NEW GUIDELINES FOR Jr APOLOGETICS (change in prep and speaking times)

Guidelines for Junior Apologetics

Description: In Apologetics speaking, the speaker is given 3 minutes to prepare a speech which defends a belief, doctrine, or principle of the Christian faith. Apologetics should motivate students to study and articulate the core issues of their faith.

Preparation Rules:
1. Students prepare for Apologetics through Bible study, research, and topic organization.
2. Each competitor should create a card file with Scripture, definitions, quotations, and any other material deemed to be helpful.
3. Students may work together on boxes prior to the tournament, but students may not share boxes during competition.

Presentation Rules:

1. One judge in each room will be given instructions and the envelope of topics to distribute to the student.
2. In the room, the speaker will receive three single topics from the judge, choose one, and return the other two topics before leaving the room.
3. Preparation time begins as soon as the student receives the topic choices.
4. The speech must be the original work of the speaker.
5. During prep time, the speaker may use a Bible, access card files, and write additional notes on note cards.
6. During the speech, the speaker should use only note cards.
7. All questions/topics should be posted on the tournament site upon registration.
8. Apologetics judges should be sympathetic to the ideals of STOA.
9. Speeches should not exceed 5 minutes.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Juniors Tournament Director, Kim Martinez at (817) 485-5603.