We are so excited to host you for the 10th Arkansas Diamond Tournament!
Registration Opens: December 12th at 8:00 am Central Standard Time
Registration Closes: December 20th at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time

Stoa Membership

All competitors must be a member of Stoa in order to participate in this Stoa NITOC-modeled tournament. Stoa membership sign-up will not be offered on-site at the Arkansas Diamond. Go to Stoa membership for information on becoming a member of Stoa.

Eligibility Requirements

All participants must meet the same eligibility as NITOC.
Stoa Eligibility

All students must come with a responsible adult (21 or older) who can fulfill their judging requirements. If you are coming with an adult who is not your parent, please contact us to see how we might help that parent fulfill all the requirements of all the students riding with them.

Registration Fees

TP/LD - $25 per debater
Parli - $30 per debater
IE - $20 for first event, $10 for each additional event (max of 4 speech events)
Juniors - $10 for the first event, $5 for additional events, $10 for debate
Parent Meals - All parents who would like to eat in Judges Hospitality need to purchase a meal pass at registration for a $20 flat fee.
Student Meals - Price varies per meal.
There will be a small credit card processing fee added to the cost of your registration.


In an effort to support biblical values, we use Stripe to process payments. Electronic payment through Stripe is mandatory. You don't need a Stripe account to register though. Payment must be made during the registration process. Payments will not be accepted at the tournament. Registration is not complete until your fees have been paid. You will lose your place to someone on the waiting list if fees are not paid. For more information about Stripe's transaction fees, click here


Since we are offering on-line registration through Stripe, you will be able to receive an auto-generated receipt from Stripe.

Refund/Dropped Event Policy - NEW POLICY for 2020

Cancellations prior to tournament close on December 20th will garner a full refund minus any Stripe fees. There will be NO REFUNDS after registration closes. Please note the shorter registration period.

Jan 14 - 18 Dropped events will cost $10 per event
Jan 19-21 Dropped events will cost $20 per event
Jan 22 Dropped events will cost $30 per event
Jan 23 Dropped events at the door will cost $35 per event
Please contact us for extenuating circumstances.

Drops create a domino effect of extra work for our volunteer staff because they affect room allocation, judging needs, and awards orders and ceremony. Thank you for understanding!


Team policy, Parliamentary, and Duo competitors, check with your partners to ensure that they are also registered. Please confirm the name with which your partner registered. For example, did your partner register as Katherine Jones or Katie Jones? The first partner will be placed on the waiting list until the second partner has registered and paid. Your partnership is not complete until both partners have registered and payment for both is complete. Act quickly as spaces fill quickly!

Waiting List

We will communicate regarding the waiting list after registration closes December 20th - January 2nd. Be encouraged that we are often able to do the “wait list shuffle” and accommodate most students parked on the waiting list. Hang in there! We address them as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience!

Script Submission

We are requiring 100% electronic script submission. Please go to our script submission page for information as there are some changes to this year's policy.


It is our goal to have three judges in every round, including debate.

Judges don't need any prior experience! Our Judges Orientation will fully equip everyone in attendance to judge ANY event.

We have over 900 judge slots to fill. We sincerely appreciate your assistance.


Problems matching your Stoa membership with our tournament website

If your contact info isn't being accepted by our registration website, you are probably entering information (phone, address, email address, etc) that is inconsistent with what you used to register for your Stoa membership. To double check what info you inputted when you registered for Stoa, go to Stoa membership.

During Registration, "Not a Stoa Member" Error Message pops up
All registrants are required to be Stoa members in order to register for this tournament. In order to ensure this, the Arkansas Diamond Tournament website will compare your registration contact information with the Stoa member database information. If the system indicates that you might not be a Stoa member, make sure you have inputted the exact same name (capitalized, if that is how you registered it with Stoa), phone number, address, etc.

Trying to make changes to your registration before the end of the registration period
If you are trying to access your account after initially setting it up, do not re-enter all your information. Instead follow these steps:

  • Click 'Student Registration'
  • Click on a blue box that says 'If you have already begun registering, please login to your registration to finish the process, otherwise enter your information below to begin a new registration.'
  • Click on the blue words login to your registration to finish the process

This will direct you to a page where you can enter name and password. Please know that your login and password are case sensitive. Use the exact same wording for all information that you originally entered into the registration system.

From there you should be able to access all of your registration information and make changes (during the registration period December 12-20th).

If you need assistance, please contact the Arkansas Diamond Director.